What to expect on your first visit:


You will be greeted with initial paperwork. This should take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Filling the forms out here will save time, but there are a few forms that will still have to be filled out in the clinic before your appointment.


Next you will go to a private room where you will give either Dr. Dodge or Dr. Johnson a thorough history of your complaint, plus some details as to family history, surgeries, etc. We will then do an examination to determine whether or not we feel chiropractic is right for your condition and to see if further testing is needed before care.


Depending on what we find you will have several options at this point. If we feel like chiropractic is something that will benefit you and you do not need further testing, we will see you.


If we feel that you need further testing before we can proceed, we may send you out for diagnostic imaging (x-ray, CT or MRI) or labs (blood work), or refer you to your medical doctor.


This entire process takes between 1-2 hours.  However, there are times where a patient's condition is complex and the process can take longer.


Most of the time we are able to do the exam and adjustment on the same day. But if we feel that someone is unsafe to treat without further diagnostic testing, we reserve the right to refuse care until such testing is completed. This is to protect your health.