We believe that each patient is unique.  Therefore, we see every patient as an individual and customize our chiropractic care plan to suit each person's individual health needs. 


We combine chiropractic, nutritional supplements and soft tissue work to help restore and maintain the body in a state of optimum health. We focus on getting you better as quickly as possible.  This means no gimmicky treatment plans or unnecessary procedures. 



- Gentle Chiropractic

- Pregnancy Chiropractic (Webster Certified)

- Pediatric Chiropractic

- Massage Therapy (Therapeutic & Relaxation)

- Soft Tissue (Myofascial Release & Trigger Point Therapy)

- Diagnostic x-ray

- Laboratory Testing (blood, urine, saliva)


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TUESDAY                10AM - 6PM

WEDNESDAY                CLOSED

THURSDAY            10AM - 6PM

 FRIDAY                   10AM - 4PM

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